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To Be a Se* Pet (2022)

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[JUQ-020] Lily Hart – A sexual harassment teacher from school days. She is made to be a sex pet.

Lily is a working wife, who alone has to support the family after her husband is injured and can not work. He thinks she works at a cafe, but she can not bare to tell him she is actually working as a prostitute giving handjobs and blowjobs to make a living.

However, one night the customer that calls her is an old teacher from when she was in college. Not only a teacher, but one that had molested her claiming it was a “uniform inspection”. She tries to resist him, but he will not take no for an answer and takes her fully. She feels shame and quits the job, and lands one at a cafe.

However, he tracks her down and uses her again right there at work. She tries to end it, but he calls her home. She now knows she has to give into him out of fear he will tell her husband what she had been doing.

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